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Healing Yoga with Tina
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Use an OhGoodyGoody!® gift certificate at Healing Yoga with Tina! Tina provides group or private session yoga. Her Yoga is designed to meet all levels and honors each individual while making the yoga fit the person rather then the person fitting into the yoga. Tina's credentials include: E-RYT, BSE (Bachelors of Science and Education), Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Recreation Therapist, Certified Kripalus Danskinetics teacher as well as being Certified by the American Council on Exercise. Tina is currently a full time yoga teacher and has worked in a therapeutic environment with a physical therapist and occupational therapist for over ten years. She has over 20 years combined experience in the wellness field.

Tina's classes are held in Syracuse, Camillus, Marcellus and Skaneateles. Please call for exact times and locations.

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  • Tina's Yin Yoga Mirbeau Inn and Spa, Skaneateles, NY
  • Tina's Yoga Syracuse, NY
  • Tina's Yoga Syracuse, NY
  • 3447 Barron Road
    Marcellus  New York  13108
    United States
    (315) 673-1863

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