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An OhGoodyGoody!® Smile-Therapy gift certificate is redeemable online or by phone.

Give the million dollar gift...a smile.

Give an OhGoodyGoody!® Smile Therapy gift certificate for a subscription to your family, friends and employees today! This is a gift that keeps on giving long after the occasion has come and gone.

At Smile-Therapy we provide a SERVICE. Our goal is this: To IMPROVE your day, make your day a bit better, and a tad brighter. We research and scour the world, to bring you something positive; something of value that you look forward to receiving daily.

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  • $$ saving ideas 
  •  inspiration/motivation 
  •  business/sales ideas 
  •  family/kids/parenting 
  •  consumer affairs/alerts 
  •  wisdom and tips to solve problems

Suggested Gift Certificate Value: Exclusive offer at OhGoodyGoody.com

Purchase a $50 gift certificate and receive a full year subscription. (Regularly $55/year). Corporate accounts available.

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*A $4.95 shipping charge is applied if you have us mail the certificate. Discounts apply if you have OhGoodyGoody! mail multiple certificates.

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    United States
    (315) 673-2515

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