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Purchase an OhGoodyGoody!® gift certificate to Harris Cleaners of Westvale: a full service Dry Cleaner and Laundromat with WASH, DRY and FOLD service.

We have heavy duty washers and dryers that will handle all your large laundry loads. If you have no time for laundry, use our convenient WASH, DRY and FOLD service! We will wash, dry, neatly fold it and return it to you in large plastic easy-to-carry laundry bags or we will hang your clothes.

DRY CLEANING DOES NOT NEED TO COST A FORTUNE!! We provide professional Dry Cleaning and excellent quality shirt laundry services at the lowest prices in the area.

Harris Cleaners is owned and operated by family members, which insures the best service, quality and courtesy.

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  • 2203 West Genesee St.
    Syracuse  New York  13219
    United States
    (315) 468-6291

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