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An OhGoodyGoody!® CNY Elderplanning gift certificate can ease the stess of you and your loved ones while navigating the waters of geriatric care.

CNY Elderplanning's Mission Statement is "To promote independence for elderly clients who want to remain in their homes. If relocation is desired or becomes necessary, we can assist with the process of choosing a facility and will help make the transition less difficult."

Your gift will be applied towards time with a CNY Elderplanning Geriatric Care Manager. Geriatric Care Managers are unbiased professionals who assist older people and their families in the coordination of home care, residential care, alternative care and how to finance those options. The care manager can serve as a consultant, an advisor, a mediator, an advocate, a problem solver and a coach. Services range from a one time consultation to create an action plan to ongoing care management for the older person in the absence of family or other supports.

Set all minds at ease by reducing hospitalization and crisis' for older adults. Don't delay….Mail, email or self-print your OhGoodyGoody!® CNY Elderplanning Gift Certificate today.

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  • CNY Elderplanning Care Manager
  • CNY Elderplanning Advisor
  • CNY Elderplanning Couple
  • PO Box 122
    Camillus  New York  13031
    United States

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