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Gaslight Bed and Breakfast
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Situated on a hilltop site in the historic gaslight district of Clifton, OH, the Gaslight B&B offers plush hospitality with quick access to the University and downtown Cincinnati areas. This elegant four story home draws you up under the branches of its gently waving willow, calms you with the murmers of its bubbling waterfall, and fills you with feelings of leisure and coziness. These exterior delights of Gaslight are just a preview of the luxury and hospitality to come.

A full homemade breakfeast is served each morning in the breafast kitchen. The menu is constantly changing to include seasonal favorites, but the coffee is always freshly ground and there is plenty of juice.

Each of the four guest rooms available at Gaslight is unique. Luxury is the common denominator of all of them.
Every room has: 

• Cable TV & VCR 
• Private phone line 
• Answering machine 
• Internet availability 
• Top of the line Kingsdown handmade mattresses 
• 310 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets 
• Two oversized super soft terry robes 
• Two soft and two firm pillows per room     
• Complimentary snack basket 
• Ironing board and iron

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  • 3652 Middleton Ave.
    Cincinnati  Ohio  45220
    United States

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